A. About us and the way we work.

For the obtention of the GOLDEN VISA with WORK PERMIT in Spain and the Schengean-area, Viking-Homes collaborates with the Spanish Law Firm, MAM Solicitors, Martinez-Abarca & Muñoz (founded in 1991), having its main office in San Javier (Murcia). Our companies together represent more than half a century of experience in providing professional services within the fields of law and real estate, serving clients from all parts of the world coming to Spain to buy a home, or to invest in real estate property.

MAM Solicitor’s Office in San Javier, (Murcia)

Quality comes before quantity.

We have always worked under the motto that “first comes the obligation to fulfill the promises made to the client”.
Our services are personalized and based on the commitment to listen to each individual client’s needs and preferences, bearing in mind that for the majority of GOLDEN VISA clients, that it is a very important step to move to another country.

We try to adapt our services to your needs.

Apart from Spanish, we work in the English, French, German, Scandinavian and Dutch/Flemish languages. With our ad-hoc collaborators we can also assist you in such languages as in Arabic, Persian, Russian and Ukrainian.

B. Before you come to visit Spain.

Step 1.
The compulsory research regarding the origin of your funds.

In order to save money, time and also the risk of disappointments for everybody involved we recommend that before coming out to Spain to look for properties it is advisable that we have clarified two fundamental requirements for your future application and successful obtention of the GOLDEN VISA:
1. The “visto bueno” (which translates to an OK) from a Spanish bank that a bank account can be opened in YOUR NAME and that YOUR FUNDS for the future investment will be accepted to be credited upon that bank account in conformity with the Laws of Spain and the European Union.

For this purpose, we need to receive from YOU a set of documents which will make this research possible to make. Please contact us for further details.

2. That you have sent to us a copy of a recently obtained Certificate (maximum 2 months old by the time you send it to us) regarding your Criminal Record issued by the relevant Ministry in your home country, which normally is the Ministry of Interior Affairs or the Ministry of Justice (please note that a certificate from a local police station in your home town is not valid). This Certificate needs to carry the Hague Stamp and must thereafter be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator. The translation services could possibly be provided by the Spanish Embassy in your home country. Once we have received a copy via email from you we will present it to the Spanish Ministry of Exterior Affairs which deals with the GOLDEN VISA applications. If there is no formal nor any material problem with the document, we are now ready to take the next Step in the direction towards the obtention of your GOLDEN VISA.

Step 2.
The application at the Spanish Embassy for your VISA to travel to Spain.

Depending on which the agreement is between your home country and Spain/EU regarding the requirements for the obtention of the VISA there will be countries with the need for special invitations in order to allow your VISA to visit Spain. A VISA for a maximum stay in Spain of 90 days will be given by the Spanish Authorities subject to that the below requirements according to the EU Laws 265/2010 and 562/2006 have been fulfilled:
a) Not to be found having previously visited Spain without permit;
b) To be older than 18 years;
c) Not to figure neither in the Spanish Criminal Register, nor in the Criminal Register in those countries where the VISA-applicant has lived during the last 5 years (with criminal offenses are to be understood such offenses which are considered to be crimes according to Spanish Criminal Law);
d) Not to be considered “persona no grata” within the area of countries with which Spain is a Convention Member:
e) To be the holder of a private or public health insurance policy which is recognized by the Spanish authorities;
f) To prove the existence of sufficient funds for the VISA-applicant and for his accompanying family members to survive during their stay in Spain and to fly back home once the stay is over;
g) To pay the application fee for the obtention of the VISA.

Contact us and we will reply to you as soon as possible after having contacted the Spanish Embassy in your home country about which are the requirements for you to get the VISA to travel to Spain.

C. The final steps.

The special residency permit, GOLDEN VISA, which gives the right to reside in Spain up to 5 years, is subject to an investment.

The Spanish Law of September 2013 stipulates different kinds of investments and their minimum amounts:
• The purchase of real estate situated in Spain at the minimum value of 500.000 €*), or,
• The purchase of Spanish State Bonds for 2 million €; or,
• The purchase of stocks in Spanish companies for 1 million €; or,
• A deposit of 1 million € on a savings account in a Spanish bank; or,
• The startup of a new business, which has to be approved by the Spanish GOLDEN VISA-authorities, but without the indication of a minimum amount to be invested.

Basic information regarding investments in real estate.

The minimum amount to be invested, 500.000 €, is exclusive of Spanish Tax and other costs for the acquisition to become the registered owner of the property in the Spanish Land Registry.
Regarding properties of new construction, the taxes and the fees to Notary and Land Registry, normally correspond to some 13% of the purchase price, or based on a property bought for 500.000 €, an additional amount of 65.000 €.
Regarding properties sold by an individual owner, so called secondhand properties, the additional costs vary from one Spanish Region to the other. It is the Regional Purchase Tax, which in some Regions is 8% while in others amount 10% of the value on the purchase deeds.
Apart from the 10% Purchase Tax, alternatively the 10% VAT and (1,5%) Stamp Duty if you buy a new property from the builder, the additional fees are Notary and Land Registry, approximately some 2.500 €, on a property which declared value corresponds to 500.000 €.

• If you buy a property which needs to be refurbished (repaired, or otherwise modernized), the costs for the reparations etc. are not considered to make a part of the acquisition costs, why the minimum amount on the deeds for such a second hand property must minimum be the same as described here above, or some 560.000 €, with all reparations costs to come on top;
• If you buy a plot of land, the construction cost for the house is however considered to be a part of the investment, so if you buy a plot for 200.000 € and you thereafter let build a house on the same plot for 300.000 €, your total investment qualifies to apply for the GOLDEN VISA as the total is 500.000 € (mind you + taxes and other costs as described here above) on the deeds, once the new construction has been finished.
• Your investment into real estate for Golden Visa can be divided into 2 or more properties, as long as their values on the deeds add up to minimum 500.000 € + purchase costs.

GOLDEN VISA for family members.

• The spouse of the investor is allowed together with his/her children under the age of 18, and the children of +18 years age, but being dependent upon their parents, to make a part of the GOLDEN VISA-application.
• The mentioned persons´ applications shall contain the same information as the previously stated specifications.

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